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What is property snagging?

Snagging is a term that is commonly used within the UK construction industry.

The English Oxford Living Dictionary (Link) defines Snagging as “The process of checking a new building for minor faults that need to be rectified”.

What is a snagging report?

A snagging report is an itemised list of defects in your newly built home.  

New build homes often have defects or ’snags’, from small cosmetic flaws to more serious defects, which are caused by poor workmanship or equipment.

The process of moving into your new home should be a happy and exciting time and not plagued by picking up on annoying faults.  

The purpose of having an accurate report drawn up by our trained inspectors is to identify the snags for your housebuilder to fix before you move in.

Why do you need a snagging list report?

To save you money!

Here’s an excerpt from a great guide to snagging written by the people from Home owners alliance

If you spot any defects in your new build home, it’s up to you to report them to your housebuilder. Find out what a snagging list is and how it can help.

“It is your housebuilder’s responsibility to check and fix any cosmetic defects before you complete on the sale but it is unlikely they are going to pick up on everything.”

Looking for a home in mint condition? You might think buying a new build is the answer.  But new does not necessarily mean flawless.

Newly-built properties are known for minor defects or “snags” caused by poor workmanship or equipment.

If you spot any defects in your home, it is up to you to itemise and report them to your housebuilder. It’s also a good thing to do if you are hiring tradesmen to renovate your property.

You can put together your own list or hire a company to do it for you.


Why not check out their website:

Can I produce a snagging report myself?

Yes, you absolutely could put together a snagging report yourself.

But if you don’t have much experience in the building trade it may be better to leave it to a trusted professional snagging service.

Our trained service provider has over 30 years in the building trade.

We don’t work for building companies and offer totally independent and unbiased snag reports.

We will arrange a visit to your property at a time convenient for you and carry out a full snagging inspection. It’s a very quick and clean process and we always try to cause a minimum of disruption to your day.

When the inspection is complete we will take our findings and produce a comprehensive snagging report that’s delivered to you within a week.

Will I have to pay for a snagging report?

Usually, the homebuyer has to pay for a professional snagging inspection, but you can pass on the cost to your house builder by adding it to your purchase contract.

Won’t the new build property already be checked?

It is your housebuilder’s responsibility to check and fix any cosmetic defects before you complete on the sale but they rarely pick up on everything.  

A snagging report is more thorough and independent.

Are there any other advantages to a snagging report?

In addition to inspecting the property and compiling a report, our professional inspectors can liaise with your housebuilder on your behalf and push for the defects to be fixed, this means you don’t have to get personally involved.


For an additional fee, we can re-check the corrective work to ensure it is completed to a satisfactory level and to make sure more damage hasn’t been caused.

What if my builder refuses to fix the snags?

Housebuilders are responsible for putting right any defect caused by their failure to build – as set out by their warranty and insurance provider.


If you think something is a flaw that should be fixed, and your builder does not, your warranty provider can offer a free resolution service.

I’ve already moved in to my new build home, do I still need a snagging report?

It is preferable to get a snagging report completed prior to moving into your new home as your house builder could argue that you have caused the damage after you moved in.  


However, a snagging report is still useful for up to 10 years after moving into a new build property, as this is how long your property’s warranty will typically last. Builders are legally obliged to fix these flaws as part of your warranty.

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Our building trade know-how and extensive practice of producing professional house snagging reports for hundreds of clients mean that difficult to spot snags aren't easily missed.


Don't get stressed out over buying your new home. If you don't wish to be personally involved in the snagging process leave it up to us. We can liaise with the housebuilder on your behalf to get all of the snags fixed quickly and efficiently.


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Over 10 years of experience as SIte Manager for several leading residential new build construction companies.

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Thanks to Property Snagging Services we managed to avoid thousands of pounds worth of extra work on our new home.

Mrs J. Simmons

5 Bedroom Detached - Solihull

PSS really helped us to negotiate with the property developer, there were a few major snags that we wanted the builder to fix before we finalised on the sale.

Katie Rose

2 Bedroom Bungalow - Tettenhall

Very professional and speedy service. Identified over 300 snags in our new build property.

Mr. Whittaker

3 Bedroom Semi Detached - Bridgnorth

It was invaluable to have PSS help us with the whole snagging process. I'm so glad we decided to enlist the help of a professional experienced snagging company rather than going it alone.

Mr. M. Ball

3 Bedroom Terrace - Wolverhampton

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